Scotts Snap Spreader System Review

30 Mar

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Texas had a horrible drought nearly all of last year.  Our yard has SUFFERED.  Our front yard has sporadic grass plugs here and there.  It’s all that’s left of the dead grass. Our backyard has no grass, but as become a weed factory.  There are literally so many weeds we can’t find the grass. 

My husband works long hours all week. Then on the weekends, although he will take care of the yard I know he is exhausted.  I would love to be able to take that chore off his hands, so he can have a weekend of ease.  This new Scotts® Snap® Spreader System sounds PERFECT for me.  

First, there is no guess work. HUGE perk for me.  The last time I handled a spreader and fertilizer, the bag stated that it covered 5000 sq ft.  Our entire home is 2600, not sure about the lot but I can assure you the backyard isn’t even close to 5000 sq ft.  I ended up spreading the WHOLE bag!  Not even making it to the side or front of the house.  So if this things does that calculation for me, GREAT! 

Second, no cutting, opening or pouring which means no spilling!  You simply pick up the bag snap it onto the spreader, lock it in place and you’re off.  It auto sets the flow rate for you. It also has an EdgeGuard feature keeping all those sprinkles off your drive way, patio and sidewalks. NO WASTE!  I’m telling you, I LOVE this thing and I haven’t even got my hands on one….yet!!!

Watch this testimonial video and see for yourselves. 

Doesn’t it sound great!  I really can’t wait to buy one.  And it’s the perfect time to get one and get your yard ready for summer.  Alice has grown up in Arizona for her first few years.  Now, being back in our home town of Houston, I’m excited for her to see all the green, the beach and walk and play in soft grass.  I need soft thick beautiful grass for her precious feeties and I’m certain I can achieve that with this spreader.  I already know firsthand for living most of my life in Houston that Scott products work. 

Click this link to find out more about the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System.  AND, if you LIKE Snap perks on Facebook you can enter for your chance to win many amazing prizes.  They will also keeping you informed of new promotions and contests.

I can’t wait to show you our yard in a few months.  David and I are really excited to get to work on it.  Our Alice deserves a beautiful yard to play in. Advertisement


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