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What I Wore Yesterday!

8 Dec

I TOTALLY intended on doing this silly post yesterday.  On the NATIONAL bloggers What I Wore Wednesday day.  BUT, I was distracted by a dumb cold! *sniffle sniffle cough*  I hate being sick.  But really, who doesn’t, so I’ll spare you my whining.  I will tell y’all that my awesome husband cut in to his beloved Call Of Duty game time to go on a “late night lets find the pharmacy that is still open” wild goose chase to find me some meds that ACTUALLY WORK!  Ya know, the kind they keep BEHIND the counter!!  Anywho, I’m all drugged up and ready for this silly post. disclaimer: I can not be help responsible for the idiocy of this post while on cold and sinus medicine. 
OK.  I am hoping to someday have the GUTS to post myself outfits for WIWW.  I desperately need the fashion advice!!  I actually have been “experimenting” with the concept on Facebook.  I’ve posted a few pics of me to see what kind of feedback I would get and well…to just be a lil more comfortable doing it! 
I have some super great blog friends that do it on a regular basis!  My gorgeous friend Kassi from Truly Lovely, the inspiration behind this silliness today, is a regular WIWW participant! 

The lovely Bella with Bella Before and After always has the best pictures for WIWW.

Beautiful Mandy with Sugar Bee Crafts, is a PRO at WIWW!

And my super adorable friend Sunny with Life in Rehab does a hilarious version of WIWW she likes to call, What the &;%$#@ Are You Wearing Wednesday!  It usually involves her adorable minions or her cats and dogs! 

So, how did my silly 1st submission to WIWW happen.  Well, like I mentioned up there, I’m sick.  You know when your sick you end up in “comfy” clothes.  Add to that that is is FAH-REEZING in H-town right now.  It was in the low 30’s yesterday morning when I snapped the pic!  I was chillin’ on the bed watch the morning news when I looked down and really noticed what I had one.  I thought of my friend Kassi, and thought to myself  “she would crack up if I posted this outfit for WIWW!…..oh wait… IS Wednesday” .  
But then breakfast, a 3 yr old princess, a 17 yr old cat who acts like you haven’t fed it in 10 yrs and a cold….and I forgot.  So, I’m a day late…but I still have my $.  Did you get that?  Does anyone still use that phrase?  Ha!  Anywho, this is what I wore yesterday….what my hubby came home too! LOL

Awesome yes?  Keep in mind too, that I’m wearing a black and white striped t-shirt!! LOL! In all seriousness, those slipper socks are the most amazing things ever!! 
Thanks for stopping by y’all! 

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