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Paper Rosette Shamrock

3 Mar
I am totally loving this tissue paper rosette kick I am on!  For starters, it is SUPER cheap!  If you have a bunch of red and green tissue paper left over from Christmas, you are good to go for Valentine’s Day and St. Patty’s Day.  Even if you don’t have tissue paper, it’s super cheap.  The Dollar Tree has a lot of different colors to choose from.  So, once you have the whole rosette making skills down, you can do this for ANY holiday!  I LOVE the way they look and they are really easy to make.  I have a tutorial here that I did for Valentine’s Day that will walk you through the “how-to’s” of making a paper rosette.  Now, for this shamrock I cut three hearts out of an empty cereal box, cut out a stem.  Glued some green tissue paper onto the hearts and stem.  Then glued all the rosettes onto the heart and pieced it all together on the paper.  So EASY right?

This paper rosette shamrock was TOTALLY FREE.  It’s just left over Christmas tissue paper and some scrap paper I had in a drawer.  I originally planned to hang it on the wall in Alie’s room without a paper backing, but I really like the way it looks on this bluish-green paper. 
I am in the process of “Spring-i-fying” my faux mantel, so for now I have placed the shamrock up on the wall above my mantel.  It would look great in a frame wouldn’t it? If only I had one. {insert pouty face here}

I have a funny and frugal story behind those ‘lil mason jars.  They first looked like this for Valentine’s day.
Now, for the funny story.  I’m taking the clothes out of the washing machine and placing them into the dryer.  One of Alie’s blankets snags in the washer and this long string starts to pull out.  I pull it all the way out, wad it up, throw it to the side and finish up what I am doing.  Once I’m done, I walk to the trash while looking down at this string.  It’s this pretty, bright, crisp green that reminds me of spring and so I held on to it.  I used some of it here.  I took off my cute ‘lil paper hearts then twisted the green string around the twine and re wrapped the mason jars.  And VOILA!  Spring time mason jar candles!  I think they are super cute!

This pretty ‘lil flower pot with butterfly is from the Dollar Tree.  How pretty is that huh?  I just love it.  They have many different colors to choose from too.  So, when you’re at the Dollar Tree picking up tissue paper for your tissue paper rosettes, make sure you grab one of these pretties!
I chose purple because purple is my Mommy’s favorite color and I miss her terribly.  She is in Texas and I am way out here in AZ.  I have needed her lately.  I have been going through some hormonal imbalance issues and have had a tough time doing anything.  Note the lack of blog posts the past month!  I was depressed, grumpy, moody, mean, impatient, tired and I “boo-hoo’ed” a lot over things like burning rice!!  I remembered when I went on some Chinese Fertility herbs to get pregnant with Alice (you can read more about that here) they made me feel great!  AND after 5 years on everything Western medicine could give us I was pregnant just 2 months after starting the pills!  So, it goes without saying that I am a FIRM believer in herbs.  I looked up herbs for hormonal imbalance and I found that Dong Quai, Red Raspberry Leaf, Black Cohosh and Vitex help balance you.  I have a bottle of Female Complex from Nature’s Answer that contains all of these.  4 days in, I have to say I feel GREAT.  This shamrock is the first thing I have made since the first week of Feb!  It feels great to be back!  I wanted to pass this info along to you in case any of you out there are feeling a’lil bit “out of whack”

Thanks so much for stopping by and I would love to hear what think of my shamrock!! 

P.S. I would like to share this ‘lil tid bit with y’all too. Glade has a new Spring Collection. They have a scent called Sparkle of Spring. Ladies…..It. Is. WONDERFUL!! I love it! Go get you some!!!
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