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Paper Christmas Decorations

22 Nov
I recently checked out a few Martha Stewart Christmas craft books from the library.  They are FULL of wonderful ideas and how-to’s.  I really loved the Paper Stars and Tassels she made.  I tried my hand at them and this is what I came up with.

Aren’t they great!!??
This is how I made them, with a little help from Martha. 
I took some printer paper and construction paper and folded it according style like this.  You can use any kind of paper and it does not have to be a perfect square.  Rectangles work just fine as well.

Fold your paper in half like this to find the center. 

Staple the center together.

Cut a design into the paper.
Carefully unfold and fan it out.  Tape all the ends together.
This is how I cut the red star.
I used two different colors for the tassel.  I glued the tops of the papers together with stick glue.  Then I cut strips leaving about an inch at the top uncut.
I rolled the tassel up and secured it with a piece of tape.  Then I added a small strip of the other color to the top of the tassel
I cut strips to make the chain.  I secured each link with tape.
When I attached the chain to the tassel (which is a bit tricky) I noticed that it was A LOT smaller and looked a bit odd. 
So, when I made the red and green one I first measured with my hand like this to make sure I cut the strips about the same size.
I cut the strips to this size.
It worked!! They fit better this way.
So, what do you think?  I LOVE them and I especially love that they cost me NOTHING as I had all the supplies already! 

Thanks for stopping by!