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Does your room look like this?

16 Jan

It’s sad isn’t it?  I can tell you that 90% of those boxes, bags and what-not are all crafting materials.  I feel like I am developing a hording disorder.  I can’t seem to throw away any piece of cardboard.  Whether it be a backing in a picture or from a cereal box.  I hold it over the trash can and think “I bet I can do something with this”.  And then it ends up somewhere in this.  Notice too, that the walls are BARE.  And yes there is no frame. We only brought the bare essentials with us when we moved from Texas to Arizona.  So we need a frame, headboard, bedding set……. I’m SO GLAD I have found all you lovely ladies.  Your teaching me how to decorate and DIY.  Speaking of DIY you MUST go check out how Liz w/ A+L Chronology made this headboard out of foam poster-boards, wooden buttons, a couple of yards of  fake snow!!

SO, with all my collected cardboard and some of your tutorials I’m hoping that this year I can make this room look like simple and elegant.
Maybe something like this:
Photo Source

Photo Source

Photo Source

Photo Source
Gorgeous aren’t they.  Speaking of GORGEOUS rooms!  Did you see my sister in law Emily w/ DecorChick!’s Master bedroom makeover?

Stunning right?  I love it.  We need them to fly out for a visit and for a decorate my bedroom workshop!  I know Alie would LOVE to play with her little cousin Emma!

Emily is also hosting her very first link party.  It’s called Real Homes, Real Messes, Real life.

You get to link up your mess and show the blogging world that our homes AREN’T PERFECT and IMMACULATE!!  I LOVE this idea because when I first entered the blog world I felt so intimidated by all these gorgeous beautiful and SPARKLING CLEAN HOMES.  It’s really comforting to know that I’m not alone.  And as Shelley with House of Smiths stated in this post, it’s all about the ILLUSION of the photograph!

Now our room isn’t the only messy room!  Let me show you some before and afters of Miss Alie’s room!
Yes, that is a tacked up sheet over her window.  I KNOW EXACTLY what I am going to do for her curtain.  I am making them and therefor refuse to BUY curtains!!

Poor girl needs a bookshelf!
 And after a day of play!
See Alie in her ball pit!
A little while later I found this guy sleeping in the ball pit!

Not TOO bad but a mess none the less!!

Don’t forget to come party with us tomorrow and show off your mess!
Thanks for stopping by!