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26 Jul

Back when I started creating jewelry pieces, walking into the jewelry section at Michaels was overwhelming.  I began with so many great ideas in my head, but when I stared at the supplies, beads, and tools available to me, my mind went absolutely blank!!  Always being one with a “frugal” nature, I started to dig through the marked down bins.  I spotted a pendant with a beautiful earth toned moth.  I have always been someone that finds and loves beauty in the nontraditional sense.  I fell in love with this pendant.  I loved that it was a moth as apposed to a brightly colored beautiful butterfly.  Staring at this pendant, I saw in my mind what I wanted it to become.  A double layered long necklace.  I began working on it at once.  Over the course of the past seven months, I could never steer this project of mine away from disaster.  No matter how hard I tried or how much I changed things, the moth pendant necklace was an epic fail.  It was lop-sided.  The twisted seed bead layer never stayed twisted.  In fact, once when I was trying to fix it, more than half of the teeny and tiny seed beads fell off.  I don’t have a bead-spinning stringer so they were all added by hand.  I actually teared up when that happened.  There were also strings and wires poking out all over the necklace.  I did not know how to properly add a clasp.

When we moved from one side of town to the other, I never pulled the necklace back out.  I just gave up on it. I found it the other day and thought.  OK, it’s been a while and I am better at this craft.  Maybe I should try again.  I started working on it.  I restrung the whole necklace and learned how to properly attach a clasp.  Slowly as I worked on it, the piece began to come together.  My excitement for my project reignited and I smiled while I worked on it.  I even did a couple “happy wiggles” in my seat!  Once it was done, I couldn’t stop staring at it.  It was EXACTLY what I pictured the very first time I held that moth pendant in my hands.  I am extremely happy with how it came out.  So happy, I am not sure I can part with it now, but it was always meant to go into my Etsy shop. Perhaps I can make another one.  This necklace is my first beaded double layered seed bead twisted piece.

It is interesting that the whole process of this necklace was metamorphosis.  Just like the journey my beautiful moth went through.  I looked up the species and I believe the moth is a Gymnoscelis Rufifasciata, or more commonly known as a Double Striped Pug Moth.

I need a better picture of the full necklace. Especially if I do add this to my AliLilly Etsy Shop. This will have to do for now. I will build myself a better photo box later.

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From Faux Pas to Victory

14 Jul
I was working hard a couple days ago on a pair of earrings.  I ran out of yellow.  I hightailed it to the store with my Alie Marie.  Searching and searching for yellow beads I came across a kids pack of brightly colored plastic beads.  Thinking, this may work out for me, I bought them.  Once I was home and I compared them with what I had used, they did not match at all.  Even my husband gave them a funny look.  Needless to say I was upset.  I wondered if I could take them back.  Suddenly a light bulb went off over my head.  Watching Alie Marie playing I was suddenly inspired to make a line of jewelry for children.  I have named the line Lil Lilly.  These are the first pieces of the line, created from my faux pas.

Lil Lilly Necklace. 

Bracelets.  I will take custom orders.  Each piece can be made with your desired size and color(s).

These earrings were so much fun to make.  Alie Marie watched me the whole time, her eyes wide and bright.

Hemp necklaces. One is created by using square knot and the other by using a half knot. 

Go have a look and let me know what you think.

International….so cool!

13 Jan

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted on here. I’m already on sale number four. It’s all so exciting. I’m trying to learn how to balance the Etsy site, my daughter, making jewelry, being a wife, taking care of the house, and watching all the old Lost episodes before the new season starts. And of course, still find time to upkeep my FarmVille Farm! 🙂

I’m excited to share that I made my very first international sale yesterday! My hubby was so proud of me,and that made it even more exciting.

I got an Etsy email this morning from and it had a TON of useful information from a seasoned and successful seller (dishyvintage). I’m taking all of her tips and advice to heart. I’ve already completed her step one. I also got a some great advice from peacebird too.

OH! I almost forgot. I’ve officially begun the jewelry making adventure. It’s a lot harder than making hemp jewelry. I took me nearly 2 hours to make my very first pair of earrings. I’ve made 4 pairs now, and I’m getting a lot faster. I’ve been to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s to get ideas and supplies. There is so much to see. Have you ever seen the jewelry making isles? I get so overwhelmed thinking “what to choose? what to choose? what to choose?”. I mean, everything looks great!! Today, I think while Alie naps and I watch Lost I’m going to try for a necklace. I’ll let you know how that goes. Below are the Etsy shop links and the blog links to wonderful people who helped me today.

Tutu’s to showcase soon!


Forward Motion

8 Jan

Yesterday was SO exciting! It was AliLilly’s Opening Day!!

I could hardly sleep the night before just knowing that I would be adding all the items I’d been working on last week. I woke up early, took care of the sweet baby girl. Then, I started adding my items. I sold my very first necklace before I even added item 2! It was so exciting! Now, I have a new list of things to consider. I’m deciding whether I should send my handmade creations in an envelope? I want to buy some groovy looking tissue paper to wrap it in. Insert a thank you note, a business card, and the receipt. Then, place it in a cute box with a pretty tie around it. However, I have some budget restraints. Which is why I decided to do all this in the first place. In time Ami, all in time. I keep telling myself that.

My husband is excited now too! He bought me a new jewelry kit to work with. The kit is a bit intimidating, but, I am excited at the same time that I will be learning new techniques and sharpening my skills! It’s full of all these tiny pieces. I also needed a tool kit…..HA! a tool kit! I can’t wait to see how I do. There is just so much potential with this little adventure I’m on.

Next uptutu’s!!


6 Jan
I kinda feel like Amy Adams character in Julie and Julia (GREAT MOVIE BTW) I’m sitting her thinking…..what am I gonna blog about. I’m broke and I wanna help my husband out but I don’t wanna compromise on raising out daughter the way my mom and his mom raised us. Don’t get me wrong there is NOTHING wrong with a working mom, in fact i admire you…how can you do that and be a mom!! Being a mom is a FULL TIME NO PTO NO SICK DAYS kinda job….but it is the BEST job I have EVER had! My husband makes plenty of money but our recent move from Texas to Arizona has really put us under so I want to help and make a better life for us. So……well let me first apologize I’m a bit, no I AM an ADHD woman and these blogs will probably go off subject on subject and all over the place. I’m hoping that in doing this is will also help grammar and writing skills! So…..

Let me first tell you the story of how these lil bracelets and necklaces came about. After 5 years of trying to get pregnant and suffering a miscarriage just 3 month prior I got pregnant and went on bed rest in Oct of 2007. My husband thought it would be nice for me to make these lil hemp necklaces and bracelets and so he bought me a bunch of kits and….it was FUN! I made them for everyone! Fast forward to now. My daughter is a healthy and strong 19 month old. One day I posted on Facebook about needing a REAL legitimate stay at home job that didn’t involve fees, membership fees, sign up fees or pyramids! I was told be a friend and my sister in law about etsy.

Now I’m about to embark on a lil journey that will hopefully bring in a lil money and seems fun and exciting at the same time. The potential for expansion is limitless and my brain hasn’t stopped coming up with new idea’s for this lil adventure. For now tho I’m just starting out with the hemp jewelry. For one it’s easy I can make two while my daughter naps! And for second I have a lot of left overs from the pregnancy era! I have about 15 piece already made and ready to sell on my etsy site! So….off we go…let see what happens with this and how far I can take it!

Any advise out there??? I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Take Care