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An Early Spring for My Princess

18 Feb
I know for a lot of you out there Spring can’t come soon enough. For us out here in the desert, it seems like it’s been here for a week now.  After surviving our first summer in Arizona, panic as begun to set it.  With the cold weather disappearing, that means unbearable heat will be here soon.  Still, I can bring a ‘lil spring time to my Alie’s room for her.  I know the pretty flowers and colors of spring will make her smile. 
Alie got this Sleeping Beauty poster from her Auntie Julie’s Mom.  Instead of it being rolled up, it was flat with a piece of cardboard behind it.  If you remember my messy room post, then you may remember reading about my odd obsession with saving pieces of cardboard.  I mean really, isn’t there ALWAYS something you can do with it!  So, I have this nice big piece of cardboard and some turquoise paint.  My sister Kari bought me a few different vinyl wall art sets.  One of them was perfect for Alie’s room and PERFECT for what I decided to do with the cardboard.

Because I am a bit of a klutz, I lined my kitchen with plastic.
Then I painted the cardboard.
Then I added the vinyl stickers and made some faux grass from tissue paper.
To make the grass I cut up tissue paper into squares.
Then, I folded the squares like so.
And glued them onto the board.
This is what it looks like up on her wall.  It’s kinda cute isn’t it?  She LOVES it!!
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Cutting Edge Stencils Winner

3 Jan
I hope everyone had a great New Years!!  We did.  We spent it with my brother and his wife Julie (FUTURE BLOGGING QUEEN) and sweet ‘lil Jayden!  We were SO excited to be able to do fireworks.  AZ finally OK’d them with certain restrictions.  Then Goodyear decided to throw a quick “Nope! No fireworks here” clause and so we were limited to a few sparklers.  My brother and hubby got “gutsy” and decided to light just one fountain in the backyard.  OF COURSE it was the “screaming popping goes on for 5 minutes long” kind.  We all quickly ran inside and turned off every light in the house!!  We did have a blast being together. 
I know you can hardly see it BUT I am wearing my puffy down jacket.  I haven’t pulled that jacket out of the closet in over 2 years.  It was 28 degrees this night in AZ! WOW huh?
I have already begun the Valentines Day craft and jewelry adventure.  I have discovered being a blogger puts you on the same schedule as department stores, malls, Walmart, Target, the HSN!!  My friend Sunny told me this.  I have been making fabric rosettes, felt rosettes and jewelry.  My sister Kari got me a TON of awesome beads and things in perfect Valentines colors.  I can’t wait to show y’all!!  
What?  You want a sneak peek?  Well…..OK 🙂
 I have some much more planned.  I’m so excited.  I love all this craftiness and blog fun!!!  Thanks ladies!  You continuously inspire me! 

OK! So, the winner……………


Please email me so I can get your info to Cutting Edge Stencils! 
If I don’t hear from you in 48 hours I will have to choose a new winner.
amiallison73 at yahoo dot com

I am so excited for you.  Just promise us you will do a post once you have used your new stencil!! 

And now I’m off to take down everything Christmas *sad face*
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Stormy Days

23 Jan

It’s been a stormy few days here in Phoenix, which is not normal. I learned that rocks and sand do not really like water too much. So there is water everywhere. There is more rain on the horizon, but for Ami, there are new projects to start.

I’m really excited!! My wonderful hubby bought my supplies yesterday. I made my first Twilight piece. It’s a bracelet inspired by Bella and Edward’s meadow. I have posted the pictures below. I also finished the bracelets for my beautiful nieces that match the bracelet their mommy bought. Also, while the hubby watched Conan (TEAM CONAN) on his cell phone and munched on Crunch ‘n Munch, I worked on Teresa’s bracelet last night.

I have SO many ideas for things that are floating around in my head. It’s hard to focus on one, or even take them on a few at a time. The other day, I thought of making some baby onesies, tie-dyed fashion. Think anyone would buy them? I have a new Amy friend who posts some of her Etsy stuff on Facebook. I saw a mans tie-dyed shirt and that is what inspired the idea. I’m still looking forward to the tutu idea. I’d like to make a few and have some pictures with my sweet Alie as the model before I offer them on Etsy.

Alie has a shopping cart cushion that I LOVE. It was a gift from my sister’s mother in law. I was checking it out the other day, and that little light bulb (that has been VERY active over my head lately) went off! I could make and sell those too! I could make them with any design someone would want. People are always asking about ours and I know you can buy them, but the styles are very limited. That might be a good seller…Ya think?

Pink Hemp Bracelets (for Nori, Angie, and April)



Twilight inspired “Meadow” bracelet