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Top 10 of 2010

31 Dec
WOW!!!  What a year.  I started this blog on January 6 this year.  I had NO IDEA what I was doing.  With that and a computer that died on us I really didn’t get things going until June.  So even though my anniversary is coming up it really does not feel like one.  To me it really feels like this all began in June.  So with that I have complied a list of the best of AliLilly 2010!!!  So exciting!!  I have a best of list!!  WEEE! *big happy smile*  I based this list off of comments and features.

My Christmas Decorating with Tissue Paper post.
Is My Daughter is a Princess post.  I made her this costume!!  It was my first! 🙂

My Bananas and Chocolate Chip Pancake Recipe.

A quick story about Falling IN LOVE with Blogging!

My first homemade Gift Box Bows.

My FIRST Tissue Paper Christmas Trees and new Christmas Mantel.

A DIY Photo Box Tutorial.
Go from this
To this!

My Rocky Road Cupcake Recipe.

My Baby Blanket Art!

And the NUMBER 1 POST OF 2010 
Is the story called Sending Birthday Wishes To Heaven.  It is about my BELOVED Nephew Khaleeq who went to Heaven last year.  He is loved and missed and is OUR Angel watching over us from Heaven.

There were so many heartfelt and wonderful comments left on this post. 

Thanks y’all for such a great year.  I have met and made so many new wonderful friends.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2011!  Thanks for all your support and AMAZING inspiration.  This blog and my craftiness would be NOTHING with out YOU!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Photo Boxing

29 Jul
I read this great tutorial one morning about a DIY photo box.  It was in one of the weekly Etsy “helpful” emails.  It involved a large white poster board and an unshaded lamp.  After a few weeks and I finally spent THIRTY NINE cents and got a white poster board.  How silly is that?  I was saving up for it I guess!  HA!

After my sweet Alie Marie went down for a nap I got out my white poster board.  I tacked it up to the wall letting half of it fold down to make a platform.  Then I used a desk lamp, as I don’t have another lamp to un-shade.  I think the unshaded lamp adds more light.  The light really bounces off the white of the board to light your subject well.  My cat Gizmo decided he wanted to be my photo subject.  You just place your items on the board, aim your lights and snap away.

This is the original tutorial I read. It is a forum post within the Etsy website. BomoBob’s Lightbox Tutorial

These are some new pieces I have made for my Etsy shop.  I took all of these using my new, seriously simple photo box idea.  I know it’s not really a box.

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